2PASS Driving School in Edge Hill – Keeping Our Roads Safe

 Our Edge Hill Driving Instructors offer first class one-on-one, individualised driving lessons. Learning to drive and owning your own car is a huge milestone in your life – so you want the best and safest instructors to help you achieve your goal.

Why Choose an Edge Hill Driving Instructor?

Whether you are feeling nervous about being behind the wheel for the first time or you just need corrective instruction before taking your driving test – Our Edge Hill driving instructors are ready to help. We have accredited, professional instructors who are experts in knowing how to tailor our driving lessons to suit your own specific needs.

No longer will you have to beg friends or family for a lift – or take the bus! Students at 2PASS Driving School Edge Hill have a very high pass rate – we aim to help you achieve the dream of driving your own car as soon as possible.

Professional and Friendly Instructors

Our Edge Hill driving instructors have built a reputation of excellence and our instructors quickly put you at ease and make your driving experience as comfortable as possible.

Our qualified instructors pride themselves on being calm and professional – they are not easily ruffled! They have many years’ experience teaching people to drive and do not yell or intimidate students. You can be completely assured that your time spent with us will be both professional and relaxed.

As an added bonus all of our instructors are local and know the area well. They are more than happy to pick you up and drop you off at home, school or work.

2PASS Driving School for an Edge Hill driving instructor

All of our vehicles are fully insured and are either new or late models - whether your preference is for a manual or an automatic car – we have you covered. 

  • Driving Lessons tailored to individual needs

  • Very High Pass Rate

  • Automatic and Manual Vehicles

  • No Yelling

  • Professional, Accredited Instructors

  • Competitive Prices

  • Fully Insured

  • Door to Door Service

Driving lessons at 2PASS Driving School Edge Hill are very reasonably priced and highly competitive Book Now and let’s get your driving experience started!

Trainers in Edge Hill

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