Driving School Manual Car Vouchers - Manual 5 X 1.5 Hours Package at 2Pass Driving School Cairns

Manual 5 X 1.5 Hours Package


SAVE $10 off normal price

 Driving lesson vouchers are the wrapping paper around the gift of freedom and skills that will last a lifetime.

  • This voucher entitles the bearer to five driving lessons for 1.5 hours, in a driving school vehicle with dual controls & a qualified driving instructor
  • 7.5 lesson hours = 22.5 logbook hours
  • Pick up from home/school or work
  • Return to home/school or work

This package can be gifted by following this process:

  • After payment has been processed select 'Send Vouchers as a Gift'
  • Confirm the amount of vouchers you would like to give
  • Write a message
  • Fill in the recipient's details - if you do not know their email address and mobile number you can use your own details (our admin team will change the details when the recipient calls to book in).

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