Simulator Driving Lessons

Realistic Australian On Road Situations

We provided simulated driving lessons in partnership with Cairns Simulated Driving. Simulated driving lessons lets the student learn with a virtual vehicle in a fun, safe environment. The simulated driving service is equipped with realistic driving controls identical to a real car, and uses advanced software to mimic realistic road scenarios on the display. 

Simulated driving is a great way to introduce a nervous learner driver to driving controls before getting them on the road, as well as an effective way for all drivers improve on their road awareness and hazard detection skills. 

How Does it work?

Simulated driving lessons are 1 hour in length and held at 31 Lavender St, Mooroobool QLD 4870. The student in seated in a realistic car seat and will interact with real, fully-functioning vehicle controls to drive their virtual vehicle. The virtual road environment is displayed on three surrounding monitors to mimic a real driver's field of view. 

The simulated driving session is supervised by a fully qualified driving instructor. 


Simulator Lesson


1 Hour simulator driving lesson. Located at 31 Lavender St, Mooroobool QLD 4870

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