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Written by Terry Berrett

As learners, drivers are at their lowest risk of having an accident. From the moment new drivers pass the practical driving test, their risk of being harmed in a crash is the highest it will be their whole driving life. The likelihood of being harmed in a crash goes down over time. Experience is the key to becoming a safe driver.
Learner drivers need experience related to the challenges they will face when driving on their own. Learner drivers need to learn to think and act for themselves, like an experienced driver. While on their L's, drivers need to be able to find their own way, so when they are on their own, without a supervisor, instructor or examiner, they are able to find their own way and drive safely by themselves. Before taking the practical driving test, learner drivers need to be able to recognize risky situations and take control.
Learner drivers should be encouraged to drive in the type of situations they will face while driving by themselves. They should try driving where they might go once they have their P's. They should also try driving with distractions and drive when they feel in a hurry. So they can experience freedom, learner drivers could choose where they go for a drive. To experience confusion, the supervising driver could say “Turn left, no actually turn right”, the learner driver needs to do what they know is safe and obey the rules. Learner drivers need to experience surprises and not overreact to other drivers errors and focus on doing their best.
Learner drivers should get as much time behind the wheel as possible. This experience helps them to drive well even if they are having a bit of an off day. Try and mix up the experience. Different times, places and cars. They also need to think about their experiences. They can assess their driving by comparing themselves to a safe driver and find their mistakes. They need to be able to fix weaknesses with little or no help.
The experience gained while driving as a learner driver will play a great role in determining your likelihood of having an accident after passing the practical test. The main focus for learner drivers should be becoming a safe driver. Before taking the practical test, learner drivers need to be able to find their own way, without help from their supervising drivers.
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