Frequently Asked Driving School Questions

Written by Terry Berrett

Q. How much do driving lessons cost in Qld?
A. We offer highly affordable driving lessons in Cairns but the total cost can vary, depending on whether you are booking a driving lesson or taking a defensive driving course. Generally, a one hour lesson will cost you $75 while a defensive driving course will cost you $185 for a full day

Q. Is it good to learn driving from driving school?
A. Yes. A qualified driving instructor undergoes training so that they not only know the road rules, how to drive defensively and how to anticipate other road users movements, but also so that they can share this knowledge effectively with a student. A driving instructor’s role is to build confidence and skills in the learner driver so that they understand consequences, can make judgments and know the law.

Q. How many hours do you need with a driving instructor Qld?
A. If you don't have driving experience, we recommend at least 5 hours of driving lessons with a driving instructor. It's common to book more than 10 hours of driving lessons.

Q. Can I learn driving in 10 days?
A.  It depends from person to person. Some pick it up straight away, others take weeks or months.

Q. What are the things taught in driving school?
A. Driving lessons teach you how you pass the driving test. Defensive driving courses teach you to drive safely and avoid accidents.

Q. What is the best age to learn driving?
A. There are pros and cons to starting earlier or later in life. Passing the practical test at seventeen is worthwhile if carefully managed, as it is a useful life skill. If you do start early be aware of your limitations.

Q. Why is driving so hard?
A. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Some people pick it up easily and some find it challenging. Driving instructors have step by step training methods to work though to get everyone ready to drive on the road by themselves. Some students work through the steps quickly and some take a bit longer.

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